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Mattel Voltron Exclusive Action Figure Yellow Lion

Consumer Rating Reviews 4 Stars
Voltron Exclusive Action Figure Yellow

Realize that you can purchase an excellent gift for children without having to spend a lot, as well as without giving up higher quality. There's a lot of strategies that you could do your research without creating yourself a whole lot of added trouble or stress. The worst action to take while searching for Voltron toys is to rush your purchase. The initial place you see it may not be the most suitable. Looking for Voltron Exclusive . If you want a great deal for this Voltron toy, visit the link below.


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In space no one can hear you scream. The Yellow Lion is a single of five robotic Lions that come together to form the mighty Voltron, and is piloted by muscular mechanic Hunk (sold separately ). Each Lion converts from Voltron mode to Lion mode with onetouch transformation features, and comes with a mouth blade weapon. Ready to form Voltron Collect all five Lions to total the gigantic 23 robot, with many points of articulation for endless battle possibilities! but they can hear you ROAR!


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