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Mattel Voltron Exclusive Action Figure Green Lion

Consumer Rating Reviews 4 Stars
Voltron Exclusive Action Figure Green

Voltron Exclusive a great item made by Mattel will probably be your children's most popular brand new superhero! 746775070038 is the UPC barcode aka the Universal Product Code, for this Voltron toy. Lowest price Voltron Exclusive , click the hyperlink below.


UPS: 746775070038

Deep in his lair, the Lion sleeps tonight. until hes activated! The Green Lion is 1 of 5 robotic Lions that come together to form the mighty Voltron, and is piloted by whiz kid Pidge (sold separately ). Ready to form Voltron Collect all five Lions to full the gigantic 23 robot, with multiple points of articulation for endless battle possibilities! Each Lion converts from Voltron mode to Lion mode with onetouch transformation features, and comes with a mouth blade weapon.


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