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Remote Control Voltron Trendmaasters 1999

Remote Control Trendmaasters 19995 Star Rating
Remote Control Trendmaasters 1999
Best Price Remote Control Trendmaasters

Remote Control Trendmaasters 1999 , a great item from Trendmasters is in fact exciting to play with. A summary of features include missile firing!, rare toy by trendmasters 1999! and remote control walkign action!. 096882317015 is the bar code for this product. Best price Remote Control Trendmaasters 1999 . To take advantage of the low price I ran across, check out the shopping cart link on this page.

remote control voltron trendmaasters trendmasters includes

Price: $250.00

Remote Control Voltron by Trendmasters 1999. 3X AA Batteries not included. Features includes: Remote Control Walking action, Motorized Slash attack, Remote Control Missile Fire and Lights Sounds and Motion!

Features List

  • Remote Control Walkign Action!
  • Remote Control Voltron!
  • Rare toy by Trendmasters 1999!
  • Missile Firing!

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