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Rare 1998 Lion Force Voltron The Third Dimension Trendmasters Sealed Boxed Set

Consumer Rating Reviews 4 Stars
Rare 1998 Lion Force Voltron The Third

Rare 1998 Lion Force , a great toy by Mattel is absolutely good fun to play with! 096882312966 is the barcode (Universal Product Code) for this item. For additional details on this toy, click on the button on this page.


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Brand new. We ship Lightning FAST try us and see! Normal shelf wear. Factory sealed. We happen to be selling on the web for over 13 years!

Space pirates and dastardly"Robeasts"might try to threaten the universe, but they're no match for Voltron. --Gail Hudson Once the five pieces of the attack Voltron are assembled, its arms can fire assault spears. Five separate robotic lions are linked together to grow to be this invincible"Third Dimension"Voltron robot. The legs are moveable, so kids can make this fearsome fivesome stomp across the planet surface (bedroom floor) to defend all that is proper and good inside the solar system! The lion-head (perched on the top) opens and closes. It might also swing its shining sword and defend itself getting a silver shield.


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