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Monsterpocalypse Voltron Game

Monsterpocalypse Voltron Game4 Star Rating
Monsterpocalypse Voltron Game
Lowest Price Monsterpocalypse Voltron Game

875582007552 is the bar code aka the "Universal Product Code", for this remarkable Voltron toy. Just one of the features is the also includes 1 double-sided play mat, 24 specialty dice, 4 status counters. Other features include contains 22 pre-painted plastic figures and takes about an hour to play. It's dimensions are 4" Height x 11" Length x 7.5" Width and it weighs close to 1.12 lbs. Lowest price Monsterpocalypse Voltron Game .

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Price: $35.99
Publisher:Privateer Press

The Voltron game will incorporate everything two players have to stage epic battles amongst the forces of Voltron along employing the Galaxy Alliance and Prince Lotor and his robeast Lo-tron with the fiendish Drule Empire. Designed by Matt Wilson the award-winning creator of WARMACHINE and HORDES Monsterpocalypse leverages the critically acclaimed abilities of Privateer Press as a top miniatures manufacturer to enter a new category of item with a property that appeals to a worldwide fan base of all ages. Monsterpocalypse Collectible Miniatures Game brings the giant-monster genres pop culture favorite for the tabletop inside the form of a fast-paced action-packed game. Part of the popular Monsterpocalypse line Voltron: Defender inside the Universe is going to be completely compatible with all current Monsterpocalypse series.

Features List

  • Contains 22 pre-painted plastic figures
  • Takes about an hour to play
  • Also includes 1 double-sided play mat, 24 specialty dice, 4 status counters
  • 2-player game
  • Qty: 1
  • Product Dim.: Height: 4" Length: 11" Depth: 7.5"
  • Weight: 1.12 lbs.
  • Package Dim.: Height: 4.1" Length: 11.3" Depth: 7.3"
  • Package: 1.15 lbs.

Warranty:No Warranty

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